Daiwa 21 Certate SW 8000H


Daiwa 21 Certate SW 8000H

Winding length: 111 cm / handle 1 rotation

Gear ratio: 5.8 Own weight: 625 g

Maximum drag force: 25 kg

Standard winding amount PE: 3-400 m, 4-300 m

Bearing ball / roller: 8/1

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Daiwa 21 Certate SW 8000H

At the heart of the tough MQ (monocoque) body is a large, thickened G1 duralumin tough digital gear. Demonstrates high durability and smooth winding comfort. The ZAION air rotor, which has both strength and low inertia (low inertia) at a high level, supports high-response jerking and retrieval with light and powerful winding. The high waterproof performance of MAGSEA LED makes the initial performance that lasts for a long time a proof of reliability.

Fishkingtackle selection is comprised of only the finest reels from manufacturers such as Shimano, Accurate, Penn, Avet, Daiwa. Filter fishing reel types by conventional reels, spinning reels, bait casting reels, electric reels, single speed, two speed.

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