DAIWA 21 Saltiga IC 300H-SJ


DAIWA 21 Saltiga IC 300H-SJ

Saltiga IC is the symbol of the next generation bait reel. Aiming for long-term high basic performance, we refined it with the design concept “HYPER DRIVE DESIGN” that greatly raised the level of all basic performance. The housing uses HYPER ARMED HOUSING, which is highly accurate and thoroughly eliminates rattling. Achieves overwhelming robustness while being compact. The drag boasts the best performance in its class. The clutch has the bearing capacity to continue operating even in harsh environments. With a highly sensitive winding comfort, it grasps the movement of the jig, grasps the change of the tidal current, and captures even the slightest signal on the seabed. The IC counter display clearly shows the water depth, and the depth alarm function improves comfort. From the jig-operated approach to the moment when the fish’s mouth is used, we explore the taste of enjoying the lingering sound for a long time.

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DAIWA 21 Saltiga IC 300H-SJ

Fish Species All Saltwater
Color Multicolor
Gear Ratio 7.3:1
Hand Retrieve Right
Reel Type Baitcast Reel
Fishing Type Saltwater Fishing
Ball Bearings 11

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