Daiwa Mad Viper Bull HH-205 Boat Fishing rod


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Daiwa Mad Viper Bull HH-205 Boat Fishing rod

Length (m): 2.05
Section: 1
Closed Length (cm): 169
Weight (g): 465
Top Dia / Butt Dia (mm):-(2.3) /11.0
Harris (gou): -35
Omori (gou): 80-250
Carbon (%): 79

Using the rod material technology that Daiwa is proud of, such as “X45”, “3DX”, and “Tubular Power Maximum Design”, will be able to eat the fish with a supple consistency, and once the fish is slender A power rod that controls the big game with extraordinary power. By adding 3DX to the tubular maximum, the follow-up performance when operating a fishing rod is improved, and the rod returns without splashing during the comace operation or invitation operation, enabling smooth rod work.

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