Daiwa Silver Wolf SV TW 1000XHL


2023 Daiwa Silver Wolf SV TW 1000XHL

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Daiwa Silver Wolf SV TW 1000XHL

A masterpiece of PE responsiveness that has made great strides with SV BOOST and TWS. Introducing a dedicated machine with enhanced functions required for chinning. Equipped with a G1 duralumin 34mm SV BOOST spool with brake settings dedicated to the PE line, which has both castability and trouble-free performance at a high level, and TWS with excellent line release. As a result, stable long-distance casting performance with fine yarn of PE line No. 0.8 or less is attractive.

Invite anglers to the heights of salt casting games with an exhilarating cast feel. / Winding length: 90cm / Handle 1 rotation Gear ratio: 8.5 Own weight: 185g Maximum drag force: 5kg Standard thread winding amount PE (No.-m): # 0.6 90-180, # 0.8 75-150 Handle length: 90mm Bearing ball / roller: 10/1



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