Nomad Design Madscad


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Nomad Design Madscad

The Madscad is styled on the typical deep bellied bait fish that are prevalent all around the globe. Its realistic profile along with key design features such as a flattened top of the head, scalloped sides and small tail wings make it a versatile fish catcher that will thrive in all environments. The lure sinks level with a wiggling action, effectively mimicking a wounded bait fish. With sizes ranging from small 95mm (3.75in) twitchbaits that are perfect for bass, redfish, tarpon, snook, roosterfish, stripers, and bluefish through to the larger 190mm (7.5in) big baits for tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, cubera, and GTs, there is a Madscad for every species imaginable. The 190mm Deep model can be effectively trolled at speeds over 12kn, making it a super enticing wahoo or tuna lure.

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