Shimano Beastmaster A 9000 Electric Reel


Shimano Beastmaster A 9000 Electric Reel

Alternative Name Shimano Beastmaster 9000A Electric Reel – BM9000A
Manufacturer Shimano
Barcode 022255232593
Max Drag at Full 55 lb.
Line Capacity – Braid 1870/50, 1650/65, 1150/80, 940/100 (yd/lb)
Line Retrieve Per Crank 35″

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Shimano Beastmaster A 9000 Electric Reel

The Shimano Beastmaster 9000A is at the pinnacle of electric fishing reels. After years of development by the experts at Shimano, anglers now have a reel capable of exploring the truly deep reefs. Pulling monsters from the deep is a specialty of the brushless, high-torque, high-speed, durable Giga Max Motor, with a winding strength of up to 290-pounds and a power cord included. With an amazing 55-pounds of thermo-adjustable drag power and a 50% reduction of drag heat, deep-water species like grouper, trevalla, swordfish and tuna will not be able to resist the Beastmaster. It is possible to halt spool rotation with the aid of the mechanical brake knob while preventing backlash from the rig as it drops.

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