Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel


The latest launch of the Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel features a major redesign. Despite its well-earned reputation as the toughest, smoothest, most durable spinning reel in saltwater, the Stella SW now moves even further ahead of the pack.

Exciting innovations include a fully IPX8-rated waterproof body to go along with the X-Protect roller and X-Shield roller bearing protection systems; improved X-Rigid Rotor design that greatly reduces inertia, for outstanding precision and control; Infinity Drive Technology, which optimizes the winding torque by 26%, plus Silent Drive internal meshing for complete winding noise elimination; and Shimano’s advanced HeatSink Drag that actively transfers heat away from the spool during heavy runs, reducing surface temps by as much as 100°F and allowing the X-Tough carbon drag washers to function flawlessly. In addition, Shimano has upgraded the Stella SW with the proven all-metal HAGANE Body and cold-forged HAGANE Gears for incredible strength and durability all around.

Meanwhile, the design elements that have set the Stella SW apart from lesser saltwater reels still play a major part in this reel’s unprecedented performance. The premium feature set includes an X-Rigid 1-Piece Bail; Propulsion Line Management; upsized gears with X-Ship bearing-enhanced gear support for maximum cranking power and transmission despite the butter-smooth feel; an awesome 13+1 bearing system with S-ARB stainless steel ball bearings; ultra-smooth X-Tough Rigid Support Drag system with up to 55 lbs. of max drag; X-Rigid handle design, and more. For the ultimate in saltwater spinning reel performance, the Stella SW represents the true state of the art in design, comfort, power, and handling.

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Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel

  • Toughest, smoothest, most durable spinning reel in saltwater
  • IPX8-rated waterproof body
  • Rigid, all-metal HAGANE Body
  • Inertia-reducing X-Rigid Rotor design
  • X-Rigid 1-Piece Bail
  • X-Protect water-resistant roller protection
  • X-Shield water-resistant roller bearing protection
  • Propulsion Line Management
  • Cold-forged, super-strong HAGANE Gears
  • Infinity Drive torque enhancement
  • Silent Drive internal meshing
  • X-Ship bearing-enhanced gear support
  • 13+1 bearing system
  • S-ARB stainless steel ball bearings
  • X-Tough Rigid Support Drag
  • HeatSink Drag heat transfer system
  • Up to 55 lbs. of max drag
  • X-Rigid handle design

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