Shimano Tiagra 2-Speed Conventional


Shimano Tiagra 2-Speed Conventional

AR-B (Anti-Rust Bearing) stainless steel ball bearings are specially treated to drastically increase the corrosion resistance of the bearing. These bearings will last at least 10 times longer than standard stainless steel ball bearings in high salinity environments.
The HAGANE Body is made of highly rigid aluminium or magnesium. This increases stiffness and impact resistance, and helps to stop the flexing of the body. The result is a rock-solid housing and support for the moving internal gearing and greater efficiency throughout the reel.
Cross Carbon Drag material provides a wider range of drag settings and gives the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.

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Shimano Tiagra 2-Speed Conventional

Manufacturer: Shimano
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Bearings: 4, 6
Color: Gold
Color Filter: Gold
Reel Frame Color Filter: Gold
Reel Spool Color Filter: Gold
Reel Weight: 49.7 oz., 52.4 oz., 55.6 oz., 83.4 oz., 86.3 oz., 115.2 oz., 174.1 oz.
Weight: 49.7 oz., 52.4 oz., 55.6 oz., 83.4 oz., 86.3 oz., 115.2 oz., 174.1 oz.
Reel Speed: Two Speed
Frame Material: Aluminum
Max Drag at Full: 26 lb., 35 lb., 40 lb., 88 lb.
Max Drag at Strike: 30.0 lb., 25.0 lb., 28.5 lb., 35.0 lb., 79.0 lb.
Drag Type: Lever Drag
Line Retrieve Per Crank – Low: 18″, 15″, 22″
Line Retrieve Per Crank – High: 41″, 37″, 39″
Gear Ratio – High: 3.9:1, 3.1:1, 2.5:1, 2.2:1
Gear Ratio – Low: 1.7:1, 1.3:1, 1.15:1
Retrieve: Right-Hand

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